Entomologist and cohost of Blurry Photos, Dave Stecco.

Dave Stecco is the cocreator and former cohost of Blurry Photos Podcast, along with current host David Flora. Together, they were the rivals and "frienemies" of Craig Lewis and Nathan Kappesser, and have been the guest hosts for several episodes of Fair Point Podcast.


Being fans of Blurry Photos Podcast, Nathan and Craig reached out to David and Dave and asked them to appear on Fair Point Podcast.  They agreed, and together the four of them did an episode about the Sandhill Crane in the fall of 2013.  This sparked The Great Like War of 2014, of which Blurry Photos came out victorious, and an ongoing rivalry.

A year after their first appearance on Fair Point, in October 2014, Dave Stecco found an inanimated tattered rag-doll in the trash and subsequently became enamored with it.  The two of them (Dave and the doll), enchanted by the spirit of romance, quickly entered into a relationship.  Things went dark when Guy Fawkes, the doll's previous owner, begins stalking them and demands the doll be given back to him.  Stecco refuses, and the doll is torn in two as he and Fawkes physically fight over it.

A year later, in the fall of 2015, Dave Stecco and his podcast partner David Flora assisted Nathan and Craig in their search for Kaspar Hauser and the Deus Ex Machina, using their top-of-the-line hacking skills.  While Craig and Nathan traveled space, confronting Nazis and aliens, Dave and David hacked into enemy computers and gathered intel for them from their secret hacker hideout back on Earth, playing a vital role in the defeat of Xenu.

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