Former werepossum Jon Cobb.

Jon Cobb is a frequent guest host of Silph Radio: A Pokémon Podcast and Fair Enough Podcast. As a teenager, he was a werepossum, but the curse has since been lifted and erased from his memory.

Character BiographyEdit

In 1999, vampires took over Jon's hometown of Syracuse, New York.  Jon Cobb, a teenage werepossum at the time, formed a resistance with his friend Jeremy Davis to fight back against the creatures of the night.  Eventually joining them in the fight were Jon's younger brother Phil Cobb, and mutual friend Nathan Kappesser, along with Craig Lewis, Sarah Tarolli, Guy Fawkes, Gernhardt, and Klaus, who had all traveled back in time from the future.  Together, they defeated the vampires and restored normalcy to Syracuse by exploiting a loophole in reality.  Jon was cured of the werepossum curse, and all of the dead and undead were returned to regular, living people.  The memories of everyone involved were likewise wiped and returned to their previous states.  Therefore, Jon does not remember being a werepossum or ever encountering a vampire.


Phil Cobb is Jon Cobb's younger brother.  They have a slightly adversarial relationship, but are loyal brothers.

Jon Cobb and Nathan Kappesser have been friends since high school.

Jon Cobb and Jeremy Davis have been friends since high school.

Behind The ScenesEdit


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