Oh yeah! Mecha Brandon Dyer in the house!

Mecha Brandon Dyer is a robot version of stand-up comedian Brandon Dyer, created in the future by Steve Jobs and sent back in time to kill Nathan Kappesser and Craig Lewis. However, Nathan reprogrammed him to be their friend and help out around The Secret Room.

Character BiographyEdit

Mecha Brandon Dyer was created in the future by a deceased Steve Jobs, as a robot version of stand-up comedian Brandon Dyer.  He was sent back in time to kill Nathan Kappesser and Craig Lewis.  He succeeded in killing Nathan, but not CraigCraig traveled back in time and retrieved Nathan from the past, and Nathan programmed Mecha Brandon Dyer to be their friend and read their "Just The Facts" for Fair Point Podcast.  For almost half a year, they kept him as their personal robot in The Secret Room.

In October 2014, when Guy Fawkes was constructing fake women to make his party appear to be more popular, he found himself enamored with one of them and stole Mecha Brandon Dyer's processor to use in an attempt to give life to the inanimate doll.  Without his processor, Mecha Brandon Dyer went crazy and ran off.  He was missing for a year, his whereabouts unknown.  In his absence, Nathan created Dan MechaCort, but because he rarely works properly, is seldom utilized.

A year later, in fall 2015, Mecha Brandon Dyer reappeared in Heaven, sporting slick upgrades given to him by present day Steve Jobs, saving Nathan and Craig from Zeus.  Since, he has been back in the care of Craig and Nathan and returned to The Secret Room.

Most recently, he was borrowed by Guy Fawkes to help him break into NASA to steal a spaceship in order to catch an alien.  While en route, they were stopped by Indrid Cold, a Men In Black, and decided that the easiest way to find an alien would be to follow his limo.


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