Sarah and her awesome hair.

Sarah Tarolli is frequently referenced on Fair Point Podcast, and occasionally her voice can be heard. She is the girlfriend of Craig Lewis and a guest host on Fair Enough Podcast.


In the early episodes, she has been mentioned and heard in the background of several episodes of Fair Point and Fair Enough, and is included on a conference call with Agent Zeal of Delphi, Barack Obama, and The Friggin' Pope, among others, in #99 "Fair Point Podcast, The Movie: A Radio Play."

When Craig Lewis travels back in time to 1999 to prevent Nathan Kappesser from writing The ARMUSAV Saga, Sarah enlists the help of Guy Fawkes to go back in time and rescue her boyfriend from capture by the vampires.  She helped them defeat the vampires by utilizing a loophole in reality and returning everything back to normal and everybody back to their respective timelines.

When Guy Fawkes is tasked by Gernhardt to find Klaus, he asks her to return the favor and help him reunite the former lovers, citing her long relationship with Craig as qualification.  She travels with him to Germany, where they find a willing Klaus clone, but he is killed by Klaudia shortly thereafter, who vows to prevent them from making Gernhardt happy.  After facing Feminazis in London, and a final showdown with Klaudia at Area 51, Guy Fawkes decides to give up his search for Klaus, and they return to Syracuse.

Sarah unwittingly participated in the capture and arrest of Scumbag Greg, who was selling drugs to children, as well as recording videos of them to sell on the dark web.

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