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Silph Radio: A Pokémon Podcast is a Pokémon centered podcast created and hosted by Nathan Kappesser. Regular cohosts include Craig Lewis, Jeremy Davis, Briana Joy, Phil Cobb, Justin Addison, Lydia A., Steve Humphrey, Antoine Baker, and Jon Cobb.  Each episode focuses on a different aspect of the Pokémon universe, be it a game, movie, character, Pokémon, place, or more general discussion.  The podcast is comedic and explicit in nature, and is not intended for children.


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  1. 007 Shiny Pokemon (With Briana Joy)
  2. 008 Shroomish and Breloom (With Jeremy Davis)
  3. 009 The Nintendo Game Boy (With Craig Lewis)
  4. 010 Team Rocket (With Justin Addison)
  5. 011 The Cyndaquil Family (With Craig Lewis)
  6. 012 Banned Pokemon Episodes (With Briana Joy)
  7. 013 Pokemon Creepypasta (With Craig Lewis)
  8. 014 Pokemon Creepy Black (With Craig Lewis)
  9. 015 Pokemon Fan Theories (With Briana Joy)
  10. 016 Arceus and Pokemon Cosmology (With Jeremy Davis)
  11. 017 Gotham City (With Craig Lewis)
  12. 018 The Science And Politics Of Pokemon Battles (With Phil Cobb, Jon Cobb, and Craig Lewis)
  13. 019 Butch And Cassidy (With Briana Joy)
  14. 020 Gender (With Lydia A.)
  15. 021 Gym Leader Erika (With Jeremy Davis)
  16. 022 Saffron City (With Phil Cobb)
  17. 023 The Ghost Type (With Jeremy Davis and Phil Cobb)
  18. 024 Christmas In Japan (With Briana Joy)
  19. 025 The Red And Green Beta Versions (With Steve Humphrey)
  20. 026 Pikachu's Vacation (With Craig Lewis)
  21. 027 Pikachu's Winter Vacation (With Craig Lewis)
  22. 028 Indie Game Development And Nintendo (With Antoine Baker)
  23. 029 Gym Leader Koga (With Antoine Baker)
  24. 030 The Ludicolo Family (With Jeremy Vyne)
  25. 031 The Shiftry Family (With Jeremy Vyne)
  26. 032 Professor Oak (With Briana Joy)
  27. 033 Agatha of The Elite Four (With Craig Lewis and Jeremy Vyne)
  28. 034 Pikachu Shocks Back
  29. 035 Pokemon Crime Wave (With Antoine Baker)
  30. 036 The Alola Starters (With Craig Lewis)
  31. 037 Workshopping a Pokemon MMO (With Andrew Spohn)
  32. 038 Mt. Moon (With Jeremy Vyne)
  33. 039 Magical Pokemon Journey, Volume One (With Briana Joy)
  34. 040 Pokemon Generations, Episodes 1-6 (With Craig Lewis)
  35. 041 The PokeGods (With Antoine Baker)
  36. 042 The Dream World (With Jeremy Vyne)
  37. 043 Cerulean City (With Andrew Spohn)
  38. 044 Nurse Joy and The Pokemon Center (With Briana Joy)
  39. 045 The Poke Mart (With Craig Lewis)
  40. 046 Pokemon Fan Theories, Part 2 (With Briana Joy)
  41. 047 Pokemon Creepypasta, Part 2 (With Craig Lewis)
  42. 048 The Nidoran Family (With Andrew Spohn)
  43. 049 The Porygon Family (With Justin Addison)
  44. 050 Pokemon, The First Movie - Mewtwo Strikes Back (With Marquis Woolford)
  45. 051 My Pokemon Fanfic (With Craig Lewis)
  46. 052 Team Aqua (With Jolly By Nature)
  47. 053 Officer Jenny (With Briana Joy)