Steampunk Morgan Freeman.

Steampunk Morgan Freeman resembles a steampunk version of actor Morgan Freeman, but is a discernibly separate identity from Morgan Freeman. He appears in the movie "Oblivion," and is first mentioned in #08 The Chuck Klosterman Episode, or "Mo' Mattress Mo' Problems."  He is currently a space pilot and romantically involved with Bosnian John Travolta.


While his origins have never been explained, it is likely that he comes from a steampunk era future, and may even be a descendant of the modern day Morgan Freeman.  In the present, he and Bosnian John Travolta crashed on the floor of Craig Lewis and Nathan Kappesser's Secret Room on and off.

Steampunk Morgan Freeman was present at The First Secret Room Thanksgiving.

Eventually, the two of them left Earth to work for the cosmological dictator Xenu as space pilots in Xenu Corps.  They were assigned to pilot The Righteous Indignation for The Friggin' Pope, who was covertly working against Xenu Corps from the inside, and joined in his fight to restore order to Heaven and the universe.  They were last seen in Heaven, serving underneath The Friggin' Pope.

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