Steve Jobs, creator of the iPod and Mecha Brandon Dyer.

Steve Jobs is the deceased former CEO of Apple Inc. He currently resides in Heaven. He created the Deus Ex Machina, and, at some point in the future, builds Mecha Brandon Dyer and sends him back in time to kill Nathan Kappesser and Craig Lewis.


While Steve Jobs was alive, he personally fought hordes of Nazis to retrieve The Spear of Destiny.  To keep it from falling back into Nazi hands, he had it melted down and used the metal to create the Deus Ex Machina, also known as the iPod Classic, a machine of immeasurable power.  He placed this power in the hands of the people of Earth.

When Steve Jobs died, Apple Inc. killed the iPod Classic, sending it to Heaven, which was under the rule of cosmological dictator Xenu at the time.  Xenu used the Deus Ex Machina to travel through time, and planned to use it in his plan to destroy Wisconsin.  In order to help them in their fight to stop him, Steve Jobs gave Nathan and Craig a Pokéball which contained Gef The Talking Mongoose (who had been placed in the ball because he wouldn't stop chewing on Steve Jobs wires).

In the future, Steve Jobs creates a robot version of stand-up comedian Brandon Dyer named Mecha Brandon Dyer and sends him back in time to kill Nathan Kappesser and Craig Lewis for currently unknown reasons.  The robot succeeds in killing Nathan, but Craig brings Nathan from the past into the present, and Nathan reprograms Mecha Brandon Dyer to be their friend.  Some time later, Mecha Brandon Dyer loses his processor, goes haywire, and goes missing.  He resurfaces in Heaven, sporting slick upgrades given to him by present day Steve Jobs, to rescue Nathan and Craig from Zeus.

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