The Friggin' Pope is the Pope of the Catholic Church, and a high-ranking member of PANTHEON, the secret organization which controls most world events from the shadows. He has several spaceships, and serves a high position in Heaven as well.

Character BiographyEdit

At some point in the early 2010s, Xenu usurped God and took over control of Heaven.  The Friggin' Pope worked covertly, plotting to depose the alien tyrant, and reclaimed the heavenly Kingdom when Xenu left and was subsequently defeated by the Legendary Super Steven.

In February 2015, he spoke at Champ Guy's funeral, and was approached by Guy Fawkes afterward, who had a photogaph of The Friggin' Pope in a spaceship, and was demanding to know more about alien life.  The Friggin' Pope admitted to posessing the capability of space travel, but claimed to know nothing about alien life.


After saving Craig Lewis and Nathan Kappesser from Gernhardt and Scottish Klaus at their secret moon base, he considered them amongst his friends, and even let them keep his spaceship, The Righteous Indignation.


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