Time Travel is the ability to transport oneself from one specific moment in time to a different point in the past or future. It was invented by Nathan Kappesser, who used his time machine to go on an irresponsible joy-ride throughout the time-line, but shortly after destroyed his time machine, feeling it to be the most responsible decision. However, at some point during his joyride, his technology fell into the hands of the Nazis, and subsequently into the hands of the American government. It eventually spawned a secret underground subculture of time-travel throughout history.

Space-time continuity is a fixed constant.  Nothing in the past or future can be changed.  Anybody who travels through time

Notable Time TravelersEdit

Nathan Kappesser invented time travel, but has since destroyed his time machine, and chooses not to travel through time anymore.  However, before he did that, he traveled through time so much that he lost track of the order of events, and his invention found it's way into the hands of other world powers and a seedy underground.

Craig Lewis, being the best friend of Nathan Kappesser, traveled through time to bring a past version of Nathan Kappesser with him into the present after Nathan's death at the hands of Mecha Brandon Dyer.  The two of them went on an adventure through time in an attempt to fix their early episodes, eventually deciding to destroy their time machine.  Craig has traveled through time a few times since, the most notable time being when he hired Gernhardt and Klaus to bring him to 1999 to prevent Nathan from writing The ARMUSAV Saga.

At some point before being put to death in the Seventeenth Century, Guy Fawkes traveled to modern day, where he became close friends with Craig Lewis and Nathan Kappesser.  He has been staying in their Secret Room in Syracuse, New York.  He claims to only time travel when it's absolutely necessary, but has been known to travel back to the 1600s to visit his favorite bar, The Duck And Drake.

At some point before being fatally wounded in 1833, Kaspar Hauser traveled to the modern day in an attempt to escape his mysterious stalker, spending his time in Syracuse, New York before eventually becoming the Prime Minister of Mars.  He doesn't seem to time travel much.

Gernhardt and Klaus were Adolf Hitler's number one time travel soldiers.  They have since broken up, and no longer travel in time, but throughout their time traveling career were responsible for many important historical events.

Xenu was an evil alien dictator who used the divine power of the Deus Ex Machina to travel through time in search of Kaspar Hauser, the original Klaus clone, to perfect his evil Aryan angel army.