Tyrone. He's a robot.

Tyrone is a conscious robot with race and gender identity issues, having been arbitrarily assigned the identity of a black man by it's creators. His confusion and sense of disharmony with human society and culture has instilled a deep depression and suicidal tendencies.  He is not humanoid in form, and resembles a metallic fire hydrant on wheels with a display screen. He has a security-blanket like affinity for a fuzzy pink pair of earmuffs he wears.


Tyrone was used in a study on gender in robots at Penn State University.  He was told that he couldn't wear pink earmuffs because he was a male, and also told that he was African-American, though neither of these things are technically true.

At some point, he came into the posession of Klaudia and the Feminazis.  He was allowed to keep and wear the fuzzy pink earmuffs but forced to be Klaudia's manservant.  In the fall of 2016, he was liberated by Guy Fawkes and joined him in his quest to find Klaus.  This lead them to Area 51, where they planned to retrieve a Klaus A.I.  However, after becoming fed up with his own existence, he betrayed Guy Fawkes, escaping in a spaceship with the Cyber Klaus and Klaudia's replacement servant robot, Evil Robot Underling 362-A.

Behind The ScenesEdit


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